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New Construction vs Renovation

December 10, 2020

Should you buy a custom home or renovate your current one? 

There comes a time when homeowners start to recognize the issues they have with their current house. Whether it’s needing more space, wanting to update the interiors or desiring a more open floor plan, you deserve the customized home you truly want to live in. 

So, do you get there through a renovation of your existing home, or learn about custom, new-construction options? Weston Dean Custom Homes has been in the business of building luxury custom homes in the San Antonio area since 2010, and we’ve witnessed the benefits of building new over remodeling firsthand. Read about those benefits below. 

No costly surprises

Perhaps the biggest downside of remodeling is how common it is to run into unexpected issues during the project. Even if your current home isn’t that old, large-scale projects can uncover some time-consuming and costly surprises that you might not have budgeted for. Removing walls, adding or moving plumbing, pulling up flooring and adjusting HVAC or electrical systems can pose their own threats to your home building timeline and budget. If you live in an older home, the costliest issues often stem from your foundation, your roof and outdated systems in need of replacement. 

Man renovating the tile floor in his homeWhen you choose to build a custom, new-construction home with Weston Dean, you’ll never be in the dark. You’ll set the budget, we’ll work with you on the timeline and we’ll do everything it takes to meet both of those expectations while building a high-quality, design-centric home for your family in the San Antonio area. 

Control over customization 

Committing to a renovation often gives a false sense of complete control over the vision of your home. Unfortunately, working with an existing home has its limits—and chances are you won’t be able to get everything you’re looking for with a remodel. If you’re looking to add more space by constructing an addition, that requires permits that can often take months to solidify. Want vaulted ceilings? Your existing roof and attic setup can prevent that from happening. If you need another bathroom to live comfortably with your growing family, but your plumbing isn’t situated for it, you might be out of luck. 

We don’t call it a custom home for no reason. Whether you tweak one of our floor plans, use it as a blueprint or work with us to design a custom floor plan from scratch, you’ll be in complete control over the final design and unique features of your home. Get exactly what you want, where you want it.  

Live comfortably during the process 

If you choose to build a custom home, you can live comfortably in your current home during the process. You could even start preparing your current home to go on the market

However, when you opt for a renovation, you might face months of living in a construction zone. Not only is this distracting and stressful—especially with families spending so much time at home—it can be dangerous or unhealthy for people of all ages. 

Work with the best

If we’ve convinced you that custom new construction is the way to go, Weston Dean Custom Homes is happy to help you get started on the process. Browse our new home communities around the greater San Antonio area or learn about our build on your lot options. 

Call (210) 408-9107 or contact us online to discover what we can do for you!

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