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Our Philosophy

title         "I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, your satisfaction, and ultimately your referral. I hope that you express and build your dream with us. I am confident your family will live in a home worthy of your special moments and memories as a result.” - Bryan Mendenhall

Bryan Mendenhall created Weston Dean Homes in 2010 naming the company after his oldest son Weston born in 2009 and his wife DeeAnn, shortened to “Dean”. Bryan was inspired by becoming a father and created Weston Dean Homes out of the idea there can be a better way to design homes and service families who are investing their life savings.

Bryan believes:

  • A family deserves to have a home as unique as they are and built on their terms.
  • Our Maker loves diversity in His creation and just as every person or family is unique and made without equal, every home should reflect that uniqueness.
  • Every person deserves a home worthy of those special moments and memories.

Bryan is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has been building beautiful homes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas for over 12 years.

Our service starts with:

Choose your dream lot on your terms.

Design your dream home on your terms.

Price your dream home on your terms.


Find out how all our service is Centered Around "U" and visit one of our beautiful model homes.