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Our Service

Weston Dean Custom Homes offers a unique custom design and construction service experience that has become one of a kind in our market.

Attention to detail and communication is what we've built our business around, making the construction of your dream home as stress-free as possible. We've designed our processes around your service. Outlined below is a look at the road ahead.

Phase 1:Design Services

Lot Meeting

This is our meeting together at the property to learn more about why you chose this lot for your home. This meeting is critical for your family's custom home to be properly designed. The most important question we would like to resolve from this meeting is 'How do you envision your home placed on the lot?' Important factors to consider are sunset positioning and where you would like the views for your home to be. 

We will offer suggestions based on a variety of cost factors such as topography, flatwork distance, and drainage patterns. A helpful document to bring for this meeting is the lot survey to see easements and setbacks.

Vision or Concept Meeting

This is our first official meeting to discuss your dream home vision. This is a meeting to put all of your ideas and lifestyles on the table. We will help put the pieces together bringing your dream into reality. You are encouraged to bring pictures, drawings, magazines, or anything that gives us an idea of what you are looking for in your new home. 

We also take you through a design questionnaire to help us better understand your vision. Another topic to be discussed during this meeting is the overall project budget.

Start Design Process

Based on information gathered from the Vision & Lot Meetings, we can start drafting your custom floor plan from scratch or modify one of our floor plans to put your dream into reality. It's helpful to visit several model homes and look at a variety of floor plans to know what you like in terms of flow and feel.

Plan Revisions

These revision meetings are important so that the flow and feel of your home are perfect for your family. This is where we make any adjustments to your plan to get the home exactly how you want it.

Finishes Questionnaire

Now that we have designed a home custom and unique for your family, we want to know how you would like to finish out your custom home with 'bells and whistles'. This is a meeting to discover your family's passions for certain design elements. This will help our award-winning interior design team take you through the design process after you have contracted. Some examples of the showrooms you will visit during the design process include countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, flooring, wall tile, and light fixtures.

Cost Proposal

Let us impress you with our organization. Based on our years of construction experience, we have developed an industry-leading cost calculation tool that also functions as part of your contract. This details out every aspect of your home and no detail is left to the imagination. We always want you to feel that we have been fair and transparent in terms of our pricing expectations.

Contract & Final Plans

We are ready and excited to move forward in a partnership that will deliver your dream home in 7 to 9 months from the foundation pouring given we do not have significant delays in weather, change orders, or design selections.  The foundation pouring usually takes 2 to 3 months after the contract and plans have been signed, given we do not have significant delays in weather, securing the construction financing, and HOA approval to get started.  

We will help you through both pre-construction and construction to advise you on the best paths forward to move your family into your dream home as quickly as possible.  We have built the success of our company on the beautiful design elements of a custom home design while delivering the home to you in a process-driven and accountable manner.

Phase 2:Construction Services

Finance Construction

We can assist you in working with a preferred lender in obtaining a construction interim loan. The bank will layout a 'draw schedule' based on certain benchmarks throughout your construction and we assist the bank to develop that draw schedule. The draw schedule is how the bank distributes funds throughout the construction process.

Clear Lot Meeting - Start of Construction

Once you close on your construction interim loan, we can begin construction. We always like to meet you on the lot at this point to go over for the last time any tree removal for the foundation or access to the foundation. After this meeting, we prepare your lot to start your foundation.

Design Decorator Meetings

You will NOT be disappointed with the expertise and array of options to choose from. Your imagination and pocketbook are your only limits here. You will meet with our award-winning interior designers to choose elements of your home broken out into phases. Generally, the phases are separated by when we will need them in the construction process to be sure we do not slow down your construction accounting for lead times in ordering materials. 

  • First-phase selections are outdoor materials and colors, for the most part. 
  • Second-phase selections include custom cabinet design, beautiful flooring, wall selections, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. 
  • Third-phase selections would include electric fixtures, door hardware, and everything else that would be selected for your home.

Communication & Construction Meetings

We understand that building a home is stressful. You may be living in temporary housing. You could be seeing parts and aspects of your home that you've never seen before. At certain stages of construction, you're going to see major changes happen every day in construction. Finally, the draws for construction financing are being distributed frequently. The bottom line, there is a lot of change occurring every day, and keeping track of all of the change is stressful for anyone.

We have partnered with a software company to incorporate a communication system into our daily business activities to keep track of the entire construction process for you. This system holds all of your documents including contracts, selections, change orders, plans, emails with our project managers, and milestone indicators throughout construction to let you know what to expect in the coming weeks. This system gives you instant, real-time information on your project cost and progress. Read more about this system in our Client Communication section of the site. 

We like to refer to construction as "controlled chaos" and this gives you a window into our world every day. We did this intending to make this process as stress-free as possible for you. This is supposed to be the most exciting time of your life and our goal is to make the process as transparent as possible. We want to be sure you are at the highest level of satisfaction and quite honestly, we want to earn a referral from you to your friends and family.

Regarding construction meetings, we will meet with you to discuss any questions or issues you have with the home during construction. In addition, we would like to have some mandatory meetings with you in construction. These mandatory meetings include meeting with you before we clear the lot for the foundation; before we install sheetrock on your walls; before we install shelves in your closets; 7 days before your final draw for construction or move-in date; and finally for your final sign off that every aspect of your contract was fulfilled and that all paint touchups are complete to your satisfaction.

3rd Party Inspections

As hard as we try, we cannot see everything in the construction process. We hire third-party inspectors that are licensed engineers or licensed inspectors to give us a second set of eyes to inspect your foundation, inspect your frame, and inspect your home when it's ready to move in. You are welcome to hire your own third-party inspectors as well throughout the process. We just ask that you let us know when you are planning to bring them out so we can be sure that the site is at the appropriate stage for their inspection.

Final Orientation & Sign Off

We will meet with you 7 days before your final draw for construction or move-in date to go through your home's amenities. This is our time to look for any paint touchups throughout your home before you move in. We do not want you to close and move into your home with any outstanding deliverables or issues with your home from construction. Before you move into your home, we require that you sign off on the fact that every aspect of your contract was fulfilled and that all paint touchups are complete to your satisfaction.

Phase 3:Warranty Services


It is very important that we provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. Our ultimate compliment is that you would recommend us to your family and friends and that is our goal. Therefore, we have partnered with a warranty service company called ProHome to manage our warranty process 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during the first year living in your new Weston Dean custom home. ProHome is a national company that is known and recognized for its customer service.

1 Year Craftsman Warranty

This is similar to an automobile’s “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, meaning that all builder-installed fixtures and appliances are covered for performance and workmanship for one year.

2 Year Systems Warranty

This warranty ensures that all major systems such as Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and Appliances are covered for proper delivery of service. It is important to note that there are some parts and pieces for the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and appliances that are warranted for longer than 2 years, but after 2 years you will go directly through the contractor for any issues.

10-Year BB Major Structural Warranty

The new home is covered until year 10 by Bonded Builders. In the event any major repairs are needed (such as foundation cracks, pool leaks or framing sags, etc.), Bonded Builders will contract all repairs. Bonded Builders strictly screens all builders added to their warranty service program, and Weston Dean Custom Homes is pleased to offer this peace of mind to its clients.

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