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See What Our Weston Dean Families Are Saying

Below are responses from our clients' most recent surveys at the time they were moving in. We ask our clients for permission to publish their responses. Below are their accounts from questions asking them to describe their experience building with us.

Thank you to all the families who allow us to publish their survey responses. We are honored to have served you.

'My warranty was taken care of by Adriane. She didn't skip a beat. She went above and beyond. Never hesitated to call me back or call someone if she didn't know the answer. She is an asset to Weston Dean (my opinion). VP of Weston Dean also called me back and took care of the warranty.'

The Montes Family

'We are overjoyed with our new Weston Dean Custom Home. It is gorgeous and we love coming home with the situation of the pandemic (COVID-19). We LOVE to stay home :). Hands down it was the customer service throughout the whole process that caused us to initially choose Weston Dean.

Cindy (our sales counselor) has a warm personality and passion for what she does. It was evident the whole time. She cares about her clients and goes over and beyond to help them.

Kim (our interior designer) is an awesome interior designer. She is knowledgeable and thoroughly took care of us and guided us through the whole process with the selections. We could not have created such a beautiful home without her help. Great job!

Our experience with our construction project manager (Mike) has been a total blessing. Mike was upfront and caring and guided us along the way with many helpful and effective suggestions to make our home function well. We appreciated his integrity and work ethic.

We would trust Weston Dean Custom Homes to build for our friends and family because they involve you in every step in the process and make you feel as if you are welcome and a vital part of the team.'

Tony & Sherri Wrather| Vintage Oaks

'We love everything about our home! With so many options in cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc., it truly is a custom home. When designing the floor plan, Weston Dean listened to all of our wants and needs and we ended up with an incredible house.

Our sales counselor, Matt was just awesome! He kept us informed throughout the entire process - from planning, construction, and closing. He had great follow-through.

We cannot say enough good things about our designer, Kim. She was just amazing! She found out very quickly that we had our own way of doing things and she adapted to meet our style. She suggested things we wouldn't have considered and we absolutely love the end result! We absolutely love the design features of our home.

John, our construction project manager, was completely professional and graciously answered all our questions and accepted our feedback.

Weston Dean listened to our wants and needs to design our perfect forever home. Everyone was a joy to work with.'

Michael & Sue Hart| Vintage Oaks

'I am very satisfied with my Weston Dean Custom Home. Weston Dean met and exceeded all of our expectations. The number one reason we chose Weston Dean is the custom service and outstanding knowledge of the builder.

Our sales counselor was absolutely outstanding. They helped us through every step of the process. Best of all there were no surprises!

Our designer was professional throughout the process. I can't thank the designer enough. She was awesome!

Our construction project manager, Shawn is the ultimate builder. We trusted him to make our visions of our house a reality and he delivered 110%. I don't believe our house would be what it is today without Shawn.

Weston Dean over-planned, under-promised, and over-delivered!'

Donald Johnson| Cascada

'I could have chosen any builder, but I must acknowledge Weston Dean is far better than all the custom homebuilders I interviewed. The process starting with the communication was exceptional. I selected Weston Dean because of the exceptional customer service Michael (my Sales Counselor) provided me when I visited the model home in Bulverde. I was actually heading back from an interview with another custom home builder in San Antonio and my GPS had me driving on Hwy 46. I just happened to stop by and I sat down and asked him the same interview questions I had prepared for the other builder and Michael addressed each and every last one of the questions. I was living in Maryland at the time and decided to call Michael late one night to ask a question about the building process after I had done my research online about Weston Dean Custom Homes. Michael answered the phone about 9:00 pm CST as I was on EST and provided me the same level of customer service as if I were standing in the model. Most of the time if you call someone after business hours they don't answer. So the level of customer service and customer satisfaction Michael provided, made me choose Weston Dean as my dream home builder.

My Sales Counselor, Michael was amazing, we worked over several weeks while I lived in Maryland to come up with the design-build prior to the design agreement being fully executed. This sealed the deal because I did not feel like he was a pushy sales guy. I felt he cared about the customer and would do whatever it takes to listen to the client. He always provided great feedback, suggestions and gave me his honest opinion. When I arrived in Texas for good, we had 95% of the design build done and the process was seamless. We emailed back and forth, discussed changes and recommendations and Michael understood my style and helped me bring my vision to life with the recommendations he had to improve the style of the home. He listened to me as a customer and put my words into the vision of 1514 Bolognese as it looks today.

My Interior Designer, Renee, was absolutely amazing. Michael set up the meeting and he considered my personality when he recommended Renee as my designer. I could not have asked for a better designer than Renee. I called her I know at least every day until all the selections were made and she responded to every call, every text, and every question. Renee learned my style of modern and contemporary and guided me through my selections with that information in mind. She worked around my schedule to accommodate my work and I entrusted her to make selections on my behalf when I was unable to be present. The level of confidence I had in her ability to make selections on my behalf was unwavering. She knew my personality and my style, so her recommendations and opinion carried a lot of consideration. I appreciate my entire team, Michael, Renee, and James. They are the best team together at getting things done and the communication was the best. We all were on the same page constantly throughout the build.

My experience with my construction Project Manager, James, was awesome. I believe James was just starting with Weston Dean, so when I met him I just asked him to build my home as if it were yours. That is exactly what he did. James constantly addressed my concerns throughout the build, he would always say, 'We are not finished yet, it will be exactly how the plans look'. I appreciated James and Michael calming me down when I would ask questions about the construction. They would both just say 'let us finish' and 'you will be pleased' and they could not have been more correct. We had bumps in the road but James stayed on top of the vendors to get things done and he stayed in constant communication with me. He and I would joke every time we met, but James came in ahead of schedule and did not cut any corners on the build and I could not be more satisfied.

In all seriousness, Weston Dean customer service has been absolutely above anything I have seen. The customer engagement with BuilderTrend, the weekly emails from Katie and Ashley were great. They wanted feedback and provided the weekly updates, as well as addressed any questions I had about the selection allowances. Weston Dean's business model of customer engagement hits the mark. If there was an issue the entire Weston Dean staff looked for solutions on how best to address the problem. They never blamed anyone, they just worked toward solutions and for me, that speaks volumes about your commitment to your employees and your customers.

Mr. Bryan Mendenhall, thank you for a great experience and yes you can use any of my words in a testimonial and I will absolutely share with friends and family my experience with Weston Dean.'

Charlotta Allen| Vintage Oaks

'This was our first home build. We had heard horror stories about building a custom home, so we expected the worst. We chose Weston Dean for several reasons. They have developed a company that allows for multiple levels of oversight throughout the process and it was very apparent that they take pride in their product. It was also very obvious they wanted to make the whole experience as predictable and smooth as possible. Having multiple model homes in the area, we could easily gauge the quality of their homes. Inviting, non-pressuring sales team made the decision easy. Very glad we chose Weston Dean.

We met Michael (our sales counselor) when we first purchased our lot in June 2018. We stopped by his model home because it fit the mold of what we wanted. While the conversation was quick, it left an impression. We interviewed a few builders and then circled back to Weston Dean. A few months later, I stopped by to get some more information and at that time, it just seemed like the right move. Michael helped guide us through the process and I know that he was our advocate throughout the whole experience. When there were any issues, he went to bat for us. He did a good job setting our expectations and realistic goals.

Renee (our interior designer) was very knowledgeable and was able to get a good grasp quickly on our vision. We had set a budget at the very beginning and we attribute staying on budget 100% to her guidance. She helped us make smart decisions with where to spend our allowances and earned our trust very quickly. We did not select the highest level packages throughout the process, but with her help, it feels like we did. While there were times along the way where changes would have to be made, she helped guide us through them quickly to find alternatives that kept us in our budget.

Marc (our construction project manager) was amazing. He was very responsive and never made me feel like I was a burden when asking questions or pointing things out. He encouraged me to be another set of eyes to help him find things that were not 100% correct. I feel like I was very involved in the process, not because I had to be, but because I wanted to be and Marc made it clear that was not a burden on the process. Marc made sure that what I saw inside my mind actually came to life.

People ask 'Who's building your house?', I tell them Weston Dean, but after describing the process to them, the short answer is 'Michael designed our house, Renee made it beautiful, and Marc built it.' They represent Weston Dean. I have had no negative interactions with anyone along the way. I would do it all over again and recommend Weston Dean to my friends and family.'

Paul & Amy Shahwan| Copper Ridge

'We love our new home. It is just as we would have imagined it! The Weston Dean service and process was user friendly and the whole team was intimately and actively involved with the process. All decisions were left to us and the Weston Dean team was there to support and provide guidance.

We would give our full support and recommendation to friends and family to build with Weston Dean Custom Homes.'

COL Keith Machen & Norma Machen| River Crossing

'We found plenty of builders that can build a quality home but for us it came down to customer service and Weston Dean is hands down the best in the business. They listened to what we wanted and they delivered. They were willing to try some new ideas but were still able to guide us to the best possible choices. The personal attention from all of their staff made the process very enjoyable. Our home turned out better then we could have ever imagined.

Thanks again for all the hard work and building us our dream home.'

Jason & Christy Paul| Trailwood

'We LOVE our new home. Everyone at Weston Dean was wonderful to work with. The entire process went very smoothly from beginning to end. We loved the whole journey! If we ever build a home again, Weston Dean will be our builder. We would absolutely refer Weston Dean to our friends and family.

I think it's both foolish and naïve to undertake a project the size and scope of building a never been built before home and not expect there to be issues and problems and concerns along the way. The true measure of a builders 'name' is not their inability to eliminate these but rather in how they respond and correct them when they do pop up. Everyone wants to minimize problems but handling them efficiently and timely and compassionately, which the Weston Dean team did every single time, is a far better indicator of being a great builder.'

Alan & Wendy Whiting| River Chase

'We love our new custom home! Weston Dean employees obviously care about their customers! Homebuilding construction is stressful and a complete unknown. The reassurance from the company throughout the process was extremely helpful. The process is completely transparent which helps with the stress of the process.

We would absolutely refer our friends and family to Weston Dean. Weston Dean handled every concern quickly and with care. The process was continuously explained regardless of the time it took. The company held to their high standards expressed in the beginning. We trust the company and all their employees with our life savings!'

Paul & Andrea Scott| Vintage Oaks

'I am very pleased with Weston Dean Custom Home's employees and if I do build a home again, I will choose Weston Dean all over again.

I am very pleased with Bryan who has been very accommodating and I will recommend Weston Dean to my friends.

Excellent work and I am very happy with my dream home.'

Sarina Adeni| The Canyins at Scenic Loop

'We love our new home. It's exactly what we wanted. Our overall experience was very favorable. The best we've had from building a home in the past. We liked the 'family' feel to the company and always felt we could talk to anyone within the company from Bryan on down. The quality and design of your homes was superior to others we considered.

Both of our Sales Counselors (Freddy & Shannon) were very nice and would always answer any questions or find the answers for us quickly. It was nice to have this liaison person. It helped us a lot.

Our interior designer (Anya) was wonderful. We came to depend on her expertise. She led us through the design process easily from the beginning to the end. She has a wonderful 'eye' for design and really listened to us and quickly got to know what we wanted.

Our construction project manager (Neal) was very good. Being new to the company, he got on board quickly and was very nice to work with.

As a company, you were always accessible and honest with us. We knew exactly the costs from the beginning. There were no surprises at the end as with some builders. We got exactly the house we wanted. You never told us 'no'.

Jeff & Beth Clarady| Los Reyes Canyon

'The home turned out beautifully - it's everything we hoped it would be. The plan and construction fit the land exactly. Solid design; overall high quality of construction; great supervision and oversight of the process.

Everyone we worked with was concerned about the project and our issues; they were very good about responding promptly to calls or messages.

Our sales counselor did an extraordinary job explaining the process to use and masterfully coached us through the initial steps. She was a major reason we chose Weston Dean Custom Homes as our builder - we had confidence in her and her ability and willingness to work with us to successfully complete the project. We believed she had our best interests at heart from the beginning.

Our interior designer did an extraordinary job working with us through the challenging design phase of the build. While she had clear ideas about what she thought would work best, she also adapted to our tastes and preferences, skillfully blending the two while coaching us on the multitude of selections we faced. She was diligent about replying to any and all messages, and her advice was always on target.

Our construction manager was superb. He did a fantastic job with his work ethic combined with his patience and high level of communication skills. I have rarely seen a supervisor put as much effort, leadership, and personal investment into a project. He simply did a magnificent job finishing the build of our home. He was always available, personally ensured that work was done and done well, and consistently reached out to us to keep us informed of all the details of the work.

I am very likely to refer my friends and family to Weston Dean Custom Homes.'

Mike & Sharon Morris| Ramble Ridge

'Our home is beautiful! We love it! Its an amazing team! We chose Weston Dean because of their quality and we felt like our new home would be well built with Weston Dean.

The sales team has been so kind and caring through the whole building process. Shannon has totally taken care of us. She is a wonderful person as well. Thank you Shannon!

Kim, our interior designer, is amazing. She has an amazing 'artsy' eye for design. We worked wonderful as a team. She was also my therapist! I can not imagine this process without her. She was a crucial component in the design process! Thank you Kim!

Our last Construction Project Manager, Mike was incredible. We wish we could have had him from the beginning! He is not only an incredible Project Manager, he is an amazing person! Thank you Mike!

Even though the process was hard at times and emotional, we feel the final product is wonderful and we look forward to making memories here! Thank you Weston Dean!

Thank you Kelly and Katie! Thank you Wayne! Thank you Oscar! Thank you Bryan for your home building passion! Everyone wouldn't have a job and we wouldn't have this home without your passion!!!'

Joe & Ginger Slater| Vintage Oaks

'Their model home concept was the motivation and basis for our home selection - exciting design and excellent construction. We were impressed with the software that was used in the sales process and then later with BuilderTrend. Weekly phone calls are a benchmark practice for open communication and relationship building.

Shannon is the perfect personality for a Sales Counselor. She stuck with us through the entire process which was a refreshing experience.

Our interior designers, Lauren and Anya were very helpful and more importantly - gently guided us in the right direction to be within the budget and within the color and taste conventions.

Mick, our construction project manager, was super responsive and great to work with. He was a trusted advocate for us.

The Weston Dean process is systematic, helping us to have clear expectations of what is coming - they are quite professional and trustworthy.'

Salty & Barbara Thomason| Mystic Shores

'We are very pleased with our Weston Dean home. It is everything we expected and more. Weston Dean has exceeded our expectations.

We were a little worried at first because our initial Sales Counselor had left, but Shannon, our assigned Sales Counselor, helped ease our minds. Shannon kept in constant communication. She did an excellent job.

Kim, our Interior Designer, did an awesome job! She was easy to work with and really related to the look we wanted. She did a fantastic job keeping us within budget. Very well pleased.

John, our Construction Manager, did an awesome job as well. He did exactly what he said he would do and that is give us our dream home. He stayed on course and really eased our minds when needed. Thank you John!

I truly believe Weston Dean will build your dream home.'

Adrian & Rebecca Castillo| Vintage Oaks

'This was our first experience in building a home and we now fully appreciate that this industry is far from perfect; however Weston Dean followed through on every issue that manifested during the construction of our home, they made things right when things were wrong, and they did it every single time.

Our Project Construction Manager, Neal was responsive, timely, knowledgeable and personal. Things moved and simply got done when he was assigned to our home...if he wasn't able to directly resolve an issue or move the ball forward, he followed up with us to ensure that other Weston Dean personnel were carrying the ball.

We would trust Weston Dean to build our next home or a family member's home. The beauty and quality of the custom home they built for us and the very competitive price, we believe, puts them at the top of the competition in San Antonio relative to the five custom builders we engaged prior to signing with Weston Dean Custom Homes.'

Tony & Heidi Castiglione| The Reserve at Sonoma Verde

'The Weston Dean home is beautiful outside and inside. The Weston Dean team bent over backwards in helping purchase our dream home. We looked at many homes and nothing came close to Weston Dean designs that would fit our need, so it was an easy choice to go with the best and just simply forget the rest.

Our sales counselor (Shannon) was very friendly and professional at all times. Shannon is a very valuable sales person to Weston Dean and she is wonderful to talk with and goes that extra mile. Our experience was excellent and Shannon was a major player in making this happen for us, thank you Shannon.

The Weston Dean interior designer (Anya) was helpful and a pleasure to work with during our short time turn around on our home. She was able to make changes that just seemed impossible.

Our construction manager (James) was great and he was always keeping in contact with us throughout the entire process. His customer service was always professional and listened to us in things that needed to be corrected. He always explained everything to us and why things were happening. Thank you James.

Trust was a major factor and the Weston Dean Team of Shannon, James, and Anya made the process easy and friendly. Weston Dean delivered and kept their word on all items discussed.'

Rene & Esther Rodriguez| Vintage Oaks

'The finished product is beautiful. As always, there are things I would have done different in the design. The structure is solid and the home is well built. The team provides a caring and heartfelt experience. They care deeply that we were taken care of.

We chose Weston Dean because of our Sales Counselor, Michael. We had the same philosophies on how a house should be built. Then after touring some Weston Dean Homes, we saw a quality builder. Michael was professional throughout. Michael was always honest about things and we are thankful for all he has done.

Working with our Interior Designer, Lisa, was and has been an enjoyable experience. Her eye for colors, details, and the construction process is something we were hoping for when we chose Weston Dean. Lisa did not disappoint. Our house color scheme can all be attributable to Lisa and we are so grateful to have her as our designer.

Weston Dean owes great gratitude that our Construction Project Manager, Wayne, came on board. Wayne is an amazing communicator and worker. I am not sure how things would have turned out if he had not come on board to manage our construction.

We believe Weston Dean truly cares about making sure their clients are happy. They showed that especially when things were not going well during construction. Weston Dean builds a quality home that they can be proud of.'

Duane & Shari Ferguson| Ensenada Shores

'We ultimately picked Weston Dean because they are a quality home builder with integrity.

Our Sales Counselor, Sarah, was great. She kept us informed thoroughly, especially with the pricing.

Our Interior Designer, Lisa, was absolutely amazing. She is a tremendous asset to your team.

Our Construction Project Manager, Chad, was awesome. He got us through the hiccups in construction. Through the ups and downs we are very pleased. Chad's candor about the process helped me tremendously. Thank you Chad.

We would trust Weston Dean to build our friends and family a home because of their quality and design.'

Rob & Claudia Staley| Bloomfield Hills

'We love our home. The process was flawless. Weston Dean continues to support us even after completion of our dream home.

Our sales counselor was great and took the time to make our dream home a reality. He was patient and professional and put our needs first.

Designing the home was my favorite part. Our designer was amazing and a great help. The finish product was great and I love it!

Our construction project manager has been amazing. As many times as we call him, he always has a great attitude and works hard to get things done fast! We are very pleased with the construction of our home.

This was an awesome experience! The Weston Dean team stands behind their work. We felt a part of a family!'

Tommy & Tamika Milam| Wagner Ranch

'We absolutely love our new home; the service and the client/builder relationship is what we liked most about Weston Dean when deciding which builder to pick for our project. Though our project was a little break from the norm, Weston Dean worked through any issues.

Our Sales Counselor, Matt, was absolutely awesome. He's patient and willing to go the extra mile to get the project done. He's truly a superstar on the Weston Dean team.

Our Interior Designer, Kim, was really user friendly. The ease and ability to use mail, text, and phone calls took a lot of stress off of us.

Weston Dean builds a solid home. They have a great sales and design team!'

Michael & Kenya Berry| Anaqua Springs

'We commend the Weston Dean team for their professionalism, immediate attention to client concerns, and successful resolution.

The process of building a custom home! We love our home and all the 'special' details that it has. The design team was exceptional in assisting with selections.

We would absolutely recommend Weston Dean to our friends and family. In fact, our daughter is currently working on the design for her custom home with Weston Dean.'

Gustavo & Evelyn DeJesus| Clear Springs Park

'The Weston Dean team has been nothing but kind, accommodating, and responsive to our needs and friendly. Russell has been our #1 go-to guy and has treated us with a can-do attitude. Russell has never let us down ever! Russell and his team have treated us like family. We couldn't be happier with our home. From the very beginning, Kelly was great and so helpful, Glenda helped guide us through unknown territory and products with design, and of course Mr. Mendenhall was a true leader of an outstanding group of thorough professionals. We would recommend Weston Dean Custom Homes to our family and anyone who will listen. Weston Dean is the best!'

Frank Hidalgo & Blanca Santos| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'We are very likely to refer a friend or family member to Weston Dean Custom Homes. This home is our dream home and we love the layout. The Weston Dean team is very friendly and the process was pretty simple, especially being a first time new custom home experience for us. We chose Weston Dean based off what we envisioned and the model home.

Our sales counselor was extremely helpful. She helped us crunch the numbers and followed up with us after construction started.

Our designer was fantastic and easy to work with. She helped us narrow down our choices and stay on budget.

Our construction manager made it feel like we were working with family. He was very helpful and walked us through everything he could. He answered every question and concern we had and kept us happy through the process.

I would trust Weston Dean with my friends and family because of their great team!'

Scott & Emily Roberts| Copper Ridge

'The home turned out as amazing as we were hoping. We are very satisfied with the final product. Customer service was excellent and when problems came up the team did everything possible to resolve them. The process is great and helped us stay informed.

Our sales counselor is the reason we signed with Weston Dean. We were afraid we couldn't afford our dream home, but our sales counselor showed us it was possible. We couldn't be happier with our choice!

Our designer was excellent in the design process and helped bring my vision to life!

Our construction manager was amazing. He kept us informed the entire time and resolved every issue we discussed in a prompt and professional manner. We would definitely recommend him for any project!

Your communication and problem solving is above and beyond anyone else we considered. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family.'

John & Natalie Verette| Mountain Springs Ranch

'We love our Weston Dean home. This was our 20th move and absolutely our best. Weston Dean was great to work with and the final product far exceeded our expectations. We would absolutely recommend Weston Dean Custom Homes to our friends and family.'

Gerry & Judy Smith| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'The Weston Dean Team and design/build process have been very good, even though we were living several hundred miles away, we felt very involved and informed while the house progressed through design, selection, and build stages.

Kristin, our sales counselor, has been fantastic from the first initial contact at the model home until completion of our custom home. She had great communication and had a great attitude. She is a great asset to Weston Dean and a very good fit to her job.

Lauren, our interior designer, has been very helpful and has a good eye for design. I trust her design judgement and experience. We enjoyed working with her.

Marc, our construction project manager, was great to communicate with and always followed through on any issues. He has kept the build process moving along on schedule and makes a complex job look easy.

I would trust Weston Dean to build a home for friends and family based on our experience building our home. While there are always a few issues, their process and communication give a confident feeling that the job will be completed successfully.'

Fred & Mehun Burger| Vintage Oaks

'I absolutely trust Weston Dean Custom Homes to build my friend's and family's home. I would not think about another builder. The whole team at Weston Dean is extremely professional and understanding. Russell, Sean, Craig, Kelly, Bryan, Jenny, Katie, John, etc...all you guys were great to work with. Thank you for everything!'

Raghav & Divya Sampath| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'The new Weston Dean custom home is beautiful. The Weston Dean service was very professional. The Weston Dean process is very thorough taking the homeowner information highly in consideration. We were shown a model home and we fell in love with it.

We had a very good experience working with all Weston Dean personnel.

You did a great job and took care of issues found on the first 'walk-about'.'

Nobert & Estelina Lado| Vintage Oaks

'We love our new home, we enjoyed all the contractors, the building process was very smooth, and construction happened in a timely manner. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Weston Dean Custom Homes. I would definitely send friends and family to Weston Dean Custom Homes. The building pace was amazing! Contractors work well and deliver in a timely manner.'

Emilio & Valerie Alva| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'I love the house! The team service was good at the beginning and the end. I would trust Weston Dean to build for my friends and family. Bryan and Kelly were great. They were so kind and patient with us.'

Federico & Fabiola Del Torro| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'Our dream home appears very solidly built.  Final product exceeds our expectations.  Overall service was very responsive in a timely manner with good results.  Process is solid.  We looked carefully for several years and concluded that Weston Dean was a good company with integrity.

Our sales counselors (Sarah & Josh) were always responsive and offered good solutions and alternatives.  They were very professional and kind with a respectful demeanor.  We never felt rushed.

Design went well.  A lot of details. 

Marc, our construction project manager, was very professional and respectful at all times.  He is very knowledgeable in the building trades.  We thought he was always willing to work with us with the goal of giving us the best home for the money.

I would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends and family, because in this world of uncertainty, Weston Dean stands tall.  I salute the integrity of all the staff we dealt with.'

Chuck & Janet Curtis| Copper Ridge

'We love our home! Its our Dream Home. We chose Weston Dean for quality, professionalism, support, and team Weston Dean!

Our Sales Counselor, Michael, we had an awesome experience with.

Our Interior Designer, Kim, carried us the entire process. She is highly knowledgeable.

Our Construction Project Manager, Ryan, came on board to take us step-by-step the entire process. He knocked it out of the ball park with insuring our home met our expectations. He is an amazing Project Manager. He told me he would finish the job and he did.

Team Weston Dean delivered on our dream home. Everyone was on board. Lots of communication.'

Lupe & Monica Rosales| Vintage Oaks

'We love our Weston Dean Custom Home. The quality and craftsmanship of the work far exceeded our expectations.

Kristen and Shannon (my sales counselors) were both great to work with. Although I had numerous inquiries, their responsiveness far exceeded all expectations.

I love, love, loved working with Lisa (our interior designer).

Marc (our construction project manager) did an exceptional job. He was professional at all times and very responsive in meeting our needs and reassuring us throughout his tenure on the project.

I would highly recommend Weston Dean to my friends and family because they provide superior homes at an affordable price.'

Wesley Cook| Copper Ridge

'The senior construction project manager (Wayne) has been simply outstanding!! Keep up the good work.

Matt (our Sales Counselor) has been exceptional and our go-to person!! Thank you so much Matt. God Bless you!!

Renee (our Interior Designer) did a superior job! Couldn't have such a beautiful home without your expertise and patience. We have named you 'Super' designer.

I would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends or family because of your reputation!!!'

Joseph & Sharon Swisher| Seven Hills Ranch

'I absolutely LOVE my new home. Our overall service with the current staff is phenomenal. We love the model homes and the staff that would be involved.

Mike (our sales counselor) spent a lot of time with us creating our home in the initial stages especially. He showed a lot of compassion and understanding for what our vision was for our home.

Wayne (our construction project manager) was our SAVIOR and helped bring our home to completion. He truly cares about our family and was able to handle us with respect and concern throughout the completion of the build. He is honest and respectable. He is a man of his word.

We would trust Weston Dean to build our family and friends a home because Weston Dean will work with clients to resolve any issues that arise and they are fair in their dealings. They truly care.'

Rafael & Audrey Trinidad| Heritage Estates

'The house is beautiful and we are extremely happy with how it turned out. Our team was fantastic, and have been very responsive when we have had questions. Very pleased with that. We chose Weston Dean because we liked the consistent quality we saw in all of the models, but Brittney (our sales counselor) was the real reason we kept coming back. She made us feel like family upfront, and we just liked Kelly when we met him.

Brittney (our sales counselor) was phenomenal. From the start, she made us feel welcome, not rushed, and we felt that her goal was to help us design and build our dream home - not just make a sale. We first met her at Vintage Oaks then took her suggestion to visit the other models. We liked what we saw at everyone, and went back to her with questions many times, which she always patiently answered. She showed us the process and obviously believed in the company herself, which we found very helpful. Ultimately, it was Brittney that brought us to Weston Dean and kept us there.

Renee (our interior designer) is fantastic! I have no idea how she deals with clients with the incredible patience and grace I saw in her, but she does! She had great ideas throughout, was endlessly patient, and was always friendly and professional. One of the most important choices about our home was decided by Renee - the dark stucco outside! I wasn't sure but went with her recommendation and am so glad because it looks great! She was wonderful throughout the process.

Kyle (our construction project manager) was phenomenal. He kept things moving, explained things (repeatedly sometimes), and was simply very easy to work with. We feel very fortunate he came to our project and are extremely confident that he put the same effort into our home that he would in his own. He is really key in how well we have appreciated our Weston Dean team and we could not imagine having our home built by anyone else!

We were impressed with the quality of the Weston Dean homes we saw, and know we have a home built to the same standards. We would choose Weston Dean again and have been very comfortable recommending Weston Dean to our friends and family!'

David and Mary Webb| Cordillera Ranch

'We love our home. The entire team was very professional. We chose Weston Dean due to their reputation.

Our sales counselors, Kristin and Shannon, were exceptional - very pleasant - very customer focused. Kristin and Shannon are awesome!

Kyle, our construction project manager, was extremely professional and very knowledgeable.

We would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends and family because you ensure the clients are satisfied with the entire experience.'

Richard & Corey Tisch| River Mountain Ranch

'Weston Dean Homes was the perfect choice. The overall service was excellent due to the fantastic team provided. Most impressive was the way the models were designed and built. The quality and craftsmanship were factors that made us choose Weston Dean as our builder.

The sales representative, Cindy, provided outstanding service throughout the process. She has valuable knowledge, excellent advise, and kept us informed every step of this amazing adventure. Without her steadfast guidance, friendly personality, we would not have purchased our home.

Our designer, Lauren, was excellent in providing the right mixture of colors, patterns, and choices that made the selection process smooth. She showed us all the choices that were available to accent our home. She worked with us in providing the right choices which made our home beautiful.

The construction managers/project managers, Chad and Carl provided outstanding service throughout this process. They provided answers to all of our questions concerning the construction of our home. The knowledge and expertise of both members are valuable assets to the Weston Dean family.

We would highly recommend Weston Dean to our friends and family because the quality of the home, the service, the knowledge, the expertise, and the experience of the team that we received was outstanding.'

Webster & Peggy Jo Stubbs| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'I think I had a fantastic team in Brittney, Kim, and Carl. It was a pleasure working with them, and they delivered.

Brittney (my sales counselor) was very personable, knowledgeable, and customer focused. I was very pleased to have her as my sales counselor.

Kim (my interior designer) was fantastic. She has a real eye for design, and she's very easy to work with. I was fortunate to be able to work with her.

I've worked with many construction managers in the past and Carl is by far the best. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. He worked hard on the details. I'm very happy that Carl was the construction manager for my house.

I would trust Weston Dean to build for my friends and family because my sense is that Weston Dean will do what it takes to make it right.'

Michael Grant| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'Our new Weston Dean home turned out beautiful. It is exactly how we imagined it would be and so much more. We love the design and loved the ideas Weston Dean came up with. Our Project Manager did an amazing job during construction. We would definitely recommend Weston Dean Custom Homes to our friends and family.'

Aroldo & Glenda Alvarez| Anaqua Springs Ranch

'We had a great experience working with everyone at Weston Dean. Issues were handled timely and professionally, and communications were always on point.

Michael, our Sales Counselor, was amazing from the beginning and made us feel reassured every step of the way. He helped us achieve our dream home in our budget.

Lisa and Anya, our Interior Designers, were incredible. I can't say enough great things about them. Lisa was so patient and helped us work within our budget. Anya also stepped in so gracefully and helped us a bunch in the end.

Our experience with Neal, our construction Project Manager, was great! He was easy to communicate with and resolved any issues timely and professionally. He was so patient and had an eye for detail. He was thoughtful about every decision.

I would trust Weston Dean to build my friends and family a home because the communication with everyone was great. Our experience with Michael, Neal, Lisa, and Anya was great!'

Cameron & Marisa Cheatum| Cypress Springs

'We love our home. It is just what we envisioned. The process of building a home from a distance was actually pleasant. We had heard that building a home was a nightmare - not with Weston Dean!

Kristin (our sales counselor) has been the consummate professional throughout the process. She always put our wants first and provided clear and on-time communication throughout the process. She consistently went above and beyond even sending us a holiday video of our home being built. We truly appreciate the attention to detail.

Wayne (our construction project manager) is the best...seriously! He has made this building process the exciting adventure it should be. He addressed our concerns as they came up and his answer was always - we will make it happen! He developed a relationship with us during the build.

Building a home is such a lifetime event. It should be an enjoyable, exciting one. We are so happy we trusted Weston Dean with building our forever home after 24.5 years in the Air Force. We would absolutely trust Weston Dean to build our friend's and family's homes.'

Sergio & Sophia Vega| Vintage Oaks

'I'm very pleased with my new home. Overall I was happy with the weekly phone calls regarding the construction updates.

Brittney (our Sales Counselor) was enjoyable to work with and took a personal interest in the entire building experience from start to end.

My son dealt with the designer here since I was living in Arizona at the time of the design and construction.

Marc (our Construction Project Manager) was concise and clear explaining the weekly progress of my home.

I would trust Weston Dean to build my friends and family a home because Weston Dean built a beautiful home with dedicated people from construction crews, to installers, sales, and everyone involved in the whole process.'

Eric & Karen Meissner| Vintage Oaks

'We love the house. Our home is well built and was built in a timely manner. We are very likely to refer a friend to Weston Dean.'

Craig & Deborah Fuller| Ramble Ridge

'We love our new house. Our project manager was the best and always kept us updated on the status of our home. Thank you Bryan for everything you did to make our dream home come true. We would definitely recommend Weston Dean to our family and friends.'

Roland & Jeannette Portillo| Iron Horse Canyon

'Very pleased with how the home turned out. The Weston Dean team was very attentive and took care of any issues or concerns. The initial contract and design process was organized and efficient. We felt that Weston Dean had the best design and contract process compared to other builders that we met with.

We worked closely with Will, our Sales Counselor, who did an excellent job coordinating our weekly meetings and making sure things went smoothly. After our initial meeting with him, he was part of our decision for building with Weston Dean.

The best part of the building process was the design experience and working with Kimberly, our Interior Designer. She was instrumental helping us in choosing our finishes and providing options suitable to our taste.

Carl and John did an excellent job coming in taking over and completing the home. They were very professional, organized, and had a caring attitude no matter how difficult the task.

We would trust Weston Dean to build for our family and friends because Weston Dean builds a quality home that exceeded our expectations while staying within our budget.'

Bobby & Cherise Aguilar| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'Our overall satisfaction is excellent!  We are very likely to refer our friends and family to Weston Dean.

Sarah and Kristin (our Sales Counselors) started us off with our options for building with Weston Dean.  Sarah was very professional, prompt with replies and always available.  Gina Marie finished us across the finish line very well!

Renee (our Interior Designer) was open to all of my ideas and there were a lot of them.  She is organized and thorough and was a pleasure to work with.  Haley was prompt with replies as she on in the last 2 weeks.  Wishing Hailey a wonderful designer life!

Mike (our Construction Project Manager) listened to all our questions and requests and there were a lot!  His communication through the whole process was very appreciated.  His attention to detail was very good.  Thanks for all your hard work Mike!  We SO appreciate it!'

Ken & Sharon Retzlaff| Vintage Oaks

'We love it!  Our service team was great!  We would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends and family because of their excellent engineering.  The house is very well built!

Michael (our Sales Counselor) did a great job and we had great confidence in him.  Kristin did a great job assuming a strange account and making us comfortable with her and working with us.

We loved Renee (our Interior Designer)!  She was very knowledgeable. 

Mick (our Construction Project Manager) was hands on and gave us a lot of confidence with his style!  Carl took over half way through the project and did an excellent job under difficult circumstances.'

Ken & Robin Johnson| Mystic Shores

'We are very pleased with the home from design concept to finished product. The Weston Dean team was flexible and open to our design preferences.

Our Sales Counselor, Matt, was engaged and willing to assist when needed.

Kim, our Interior Designer, was amazing! She was super helpful throughout the whole experience. She was available whenever we needed her and super professional throughout the whole experience. She made the overall process easy and fun!

Chad, our Construction Project Manager, took care of all issues raised. Chad was accepting of our issues and addressed accordingly.

Weston Dean delivered - from concept design to finished product and is exactly what we envisioned!'

Christopher & Julie Martinez| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'Weston Dean Custom Homes had excellent overall service. I enjoyed working with the entire team.

We had an amazing Sales Counselor in Sarah. Sarah listened to all my concerns and is very knowledgeable with all the processes. Kristin took over with a seamless transition. Kristin is very meticulous too.

Lauren, our interior designer, is very professional and was wonderful with choosing the design and helping with all choices throughout the construction.

At times there may have been miscommunication though overall service was wonderful. The construction was timely and we are very happy with the overall quality and results.

We would trust Weston Dean to build our friends and family a home because though there were issues along the way, I was always confident that the delivery and needs and all concerns would be met. Integrity was key. I would highly recommend Weston Dean to anyone looking to build their dream home.'

Kathy Morrison| Ramble Ridge

'Overall, my new Weston Dean home is beautiful.  Weston Dean honestly builds a structurally sound home and a fully custom home.  Team Reed (our service team) was awesome from start to finish.  The level of customer service and professionalism was above average (5+ STARS to Team Reed).  We chose Weston Dean because they build beautiful homes that are 100% customizable and the staff is professional and genuinely good people.

We would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends and family because of their people! 

Gina (our sales counselor) is a sweetheart!  She was prompt when scheduling our weekly construction meetings and provided us with all the information we asked for, which is a testament to her desire to provide outstanding customer service.

Kim & Hailey (our interior designers) were great to work with.  I appreciate their respect of my personal style and design to go against the norm.  We had fun with selections and created a beautiful unique home. 

Marc (our construction project manager) not taking anything away from anyone else, but he's my favorite player.  His patience and genuine care for his customer's home is his key quality.  He empathizes with the stressors of his clients and never takes things personally, and if he does, he never displays it.  He takes ownership of his mistakes and does everything he can do to correct it.' 

Kirk & Eva Reed| Copper Ridge

'Weston Dean has a reputation for building beautiful custom homes.  Our customer service was top notch. 

Our sales counselor was passionate about their job.  We were able to contact them whenever we had a question.  They were responsive and professional. 

Our interior designer was knowledgeable and thorough and took care of us.  We could not have created such a fabulous home without her.

Kyle, our construction project manager, was awesome!  He graciously answered all our questions and was a joy to work with.  He continues to answer our calls months after completing the build or construction.

We would trust our friends and family to build a home with Weston Dean, because WE LOVE OUR DREAM HOME!'

Dr. Gordon & Dr. Karen Briscoe| Lewis Ranch

'Our overall experience from design to completion has been satisfactory.  The process was very accommodating by our team.  The team was amazing to work with!  We chose Weston Dean because of their quality and the style of the house.

Brittney (our Sales Counselor) was amazing.  She was such a blessing to with.  She was always there to answer calls and questions when we had them.  She was always positive and uplifting.

Renee (our Interior Designer) was the best designer anyone could ever ask for.  She was very professional when telling you about the selections you were making.  She was there anytime you called with any question or concern.  She was so positive and made our experience so exciting.

Starting the project we had Mick (our Construction Project Manager).  He was amazing through the first steps of the process.  He listened and addressed all concerns.  We had a change in the middle of construction and we had Carl.  Carl was the best Construction Project Manager we could ask for.  He always answered our calls and gave the answers we were looking for.  We loved him.

Our house exceed our expectations and we would highly recommend Weston Dean to friends and family!'

Chad & Amy Ingalls| Mystic Shores

'I have learned a lot along the way but feel that it was the best choice to build new and feel confident having chosen Weston Dean as my builder.  Each step of the way, the Weston Dean team has been impressive.  The process seemed consistently organized in the early stages from the initial appointments with the sales representative, to the construction project manager's weekly communication.  I felt Weston Dean kept me in the loop and I never felt any insecurities about the process.

I would trust Weston Dean to build a friend's or family a home because I always had a sense this company was honest and truly had the customer's best interests at heart and it was reflective to me in the quality of employees they hire.'

Bettina Akimoto| Timberwood Park

'I would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends and family because my wife and I are still on speaking terms at the end of construction :). 

Weston Dean has good teamwork.  They are timely with responses to questions.  Our interior designer was very helpful in guiding me through the decision making process of design selections.  Her recommendations were good and made for stunning results. 

Our construction project manager and I had good rapport.  He listened to me, which I consider very important.'

J. Sean & Kathryn O'Neill| Coveney Ranch

'The Weston Dean team was fantastic to work with and worked very diligently to meet our expectations. Everyone was extremely responsive with issues and questions. We felt that they did everything to address our concerns and remain professional throughout the process.'

Paul & Erin Segreto| The Canyons at Scenic Loop

'We chose Weston Dean because the floor plan looked good for my wheelchair.  The house is beautiful and the amount of room we have is amazing.  The process helped move us along through the home design and build.  The overall service was very good.

The sales process was very good.  Cindy (our sales counselor) was a big help in choosing our location and painting the picture of a completed product for us.

Kim (our interior designer) was an excellent designer and helped make the process so much easier.  We would recommend her to anyone.

Neal (our construction project manager) has been invaluable and is a young man of great character.  He is both knowledgeable and exhibits great service skills.  I would trust him with any level of work I need done.

I would trust Weston Dean to build for our friends and family!'

Demetrio & Sabrina Gutierrez| Clear Springs Park

'We really love and enjoy our new home overall. It fits our family's needs very well. Weston Dean's service is really good, friendly, and helpful. We would recommend Weston Dean Custom Homes.'

Todd & Sherie Williams| Mountain Springs Ranch

'Our Weston Dean home is beautiful and well built.  Overall service was great!  The process was easy and loved weekly meetings.  We heard many good things about Weston Dean before we decided to build.  I would recommend Weston Dean to my friends and family because they are a great company!

My sales counselor was Michael.  I feel he was the biggest reason I decided to go with Weston Dean.  Michael is great with people and a great designer. 

My construction project manager was always on top of things.  He did a great job!'

Lupe Montes| Woodland Hills North

'Our Project Manager, Shawn, was great to work with. He was always very responsive to our questions/needs. We could not be happier with Shawn. He has always provided us with excellent service. You are lucky to have him. Our recommendation of Weston Dean to family and friends is 100% based on our experience with Shawn. Shawn built our house and we can't say enough positive things about Shawn.'

Roger & Rebecca Calhoun| Blanco

The below responses are regarding Weston Dean Custom Home's Warranty Service.

'Excellent timely responses with warranty service. Very good detail management with warranty service. Excellent overall satisfaction with warranty service.'

Gene & Brenda Huegin| Copper Ridge

'We are so pleased with Bryan and his calm direction during construction. Thank you for your follow through and commitment to our home. We are happy to refer you to any one who is looking to build a home.'

Sheryl Bryant & Kathleen Ross| Timberwood Park

'We are so happy that you built our home and we would definitely recommend you to our friends & family. Thanks for all the hard work!'

Stephen & Amy Calderon| Canyon Creek Bluffs

'We love the home and final product. We are very likely to refer Weston Dean Custom Homes to our friends and family.

On a scale to measure our Overall Satisfaction whereby '1' equals Excellent and '5' equals Needs Improvement, we would rate Weston Dean Custom Homes as being 1-Excellent with our Overall Satisfaction.'

Juan & Farzana Escobar| Iron Horse Estates

"We chose Weston Dean for the product and customer service offered. In these unprecedented times with all the home building challenges, we believe Weston Dean handled the difficulties better than competitors would have."

"Kristin was excellent. She excels at communication, positive attitude, kindness, and following up."

"Lauren was excellent and an asset to the process for us."

"No complaints in regard to communication. Communication with the Weston Dean team was always good."

John and Amanda Gibson

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