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How to save money on your morning routine

October 6, 2017

Most everyone has a morning routine they go through each day. Whether you get up early and hit the gym before work, read the newspaper over a cup of coffee, or rush through your morning to get out the door, your morning routine is probably similar each day. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a Boerne custom homebuilder, shares how you can save money during your morning routine. A few adjustments to your morning routine can help you save some cash, which no matter who you are is appealing when you don’t even have to drastically change anything you are doing. If you start your day off with a warm shower like most do, the temperature of your water could be costing you more than it needs to each morning. Did you know that most water heaters are heating the water in your home warmer than what it needs to be? If you lower your water heater to 120 degrees, you can easily reduce your water heating cost by 6 to 10 percent. And don’t worry about having to shower in a cold shower, you won’t even be able to tell the difference! The next way to save money is probably one you can already figure out. If you are like many American’s, on average you probably spend over $1,000 a year on to-go coffee from your favorite coffee spot each morning. Instead, consider starting to brew your own at home each morning and you can easily shave $100 a month off expenses. If you still enjoy coffee from your favorite stop and don’t want to give that up, see if you can get a discount if you bring your own mug. That way you can still enjoy your favorite coffee and save money at the same time. Another way you can save money when it comes to preparing your breakfast each morning, is to unplug any appliance you use in the kitchen after each use. For example, coffee pots, toasters, blenders, and anything else you use to prepare your breakfast are known as “vampire electronics” when they are left plugged in after use. This draws power from your outlets 24 hours a day, even when they are not in use. Unplug these items in your home and save on your energy bill by doing so. Lastly, the final tip is something the get in the habit of as you walk out the door. The average household spends just over $2,000 on heating and cooling each year for their home. If you get in the habit of changing your thermostat to “auto” instead of “on” before you leave home, you can save about $15 per month on your energy bill. Multiply that over 12 months and it is an easy habit to get into to help save money without having to disrupt your morning routine or lifestyle. Another good tip in the summer is to close your curtains or blinds to keep the heat from the sun from warming up your home and causing your air conditioner to run more frequently. You can use the sun to your benefit in the winter, opening your blinds and letting the warmth of the sun warm up your home. Add these simple tips as a part of your morning routine and you can feel good about saving money without really having to change it at all.     Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.  
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