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Unwrapping the Magic: Our Top Holiday Decor Tips for Your Weston Dean Custom Home

November 27, 2023

As the holiday season takes over the Texas Hill Country in a warm and festive embrace, our team of experts at Weston Dean Custom Home is thrilled to share our top holiday decor tips to bring the Texas holiday spirit into your very own home. Crafting unparalleled new homes in San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels and Austin that resonate with individual styles—we understand the importance of infusing this vibrant season into every corner of your custom haven. Whether you're a seasoned holiday decorator or embarking on the festive journey for the first time, read below as we unwrap the magic of the holidays together with our top holiday decor tips.

Illuminate your entrance

At Weston Dean Custom Homes, we believe that the first impression counts—especially during the holiday season. Start by adorning your custom home's entrance with twinkling lights, a welcoming wreath and perhaps a hint of greenery. Consider framing the doorway with lush garlands and oversized bows, creating an inviting atmosphere that sets the tone for the festivities inside. Our custom homes in the San Antonio and Austin areas are designed to be the canvas for your holiday vision, so don't shy away from infusing your unique style into this welcoming space.

Embrace the Texas charm

If there’s one thing you should do this holiday season, it’s to celebrate with a touch of Texan charm. Incorporate rustic elements such as burlap, distressed wood and leather into your decor. Opt for ornaments that reflect the Lone Star State, from miniature cowboy boots to rustic star-shaped decorations. A custom home is a reflection of its inhabitants, and at Weston Dean—we believe in tailoring every detail to suit your tastes. Infuse the warmth of Texas into your holiday decor, creating a festive ambiance that feels like home.

Create cozy gathering spaces

Our custom homes throughout the San Antonio and Austin areas are designed for the joy of gatherings, and the holidays are the perfect time to create cozy nooks for family and friends. Invest in plush throws, festive pillows and soft area rugs to make your living spaces even more inviting. Consider a themed centerpiece for your dining table, embracing the spirit of the season with elements like pinecones, candles and seasonal foliage. At Weston Dean Custom Homes, we understand the importance of spaces that bring people together—especially during the holidays—and our top-quality floor plans are designed to help you create unforgettable memories with the people you love most.

Personalize your tree

Make your holiday tree a reflection of your family's journey and traditions with personalized ornaments—adding a sentimental touch to your festive decor. Showcase milestones, hobbies or cherished memories with ornaments that tell your unique story. From San Antonio to Austin, our custom homes serve as the backdrop to your family's narrative—and your holiday tree should reflect the things that make your home truly special.

Cherish this holiday season in your Weston Dean Custom Home

In the spirit of warmth and togetherness, Weston Dean Custom Homes invites you to transform your gorgeous home into a holiday haven. From the heart of San Antonio to the burgeoning neighborhoods of Austin, our custom homes are designed to be the perfect canvas for your holiday dreams—and with these decor tips, this holiday season will undoubtedly be one to remember. Happy holidays from Weston Dean Custom Homes! 

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