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Watch out for extra airline fees this summer travel season

August 5, 2016

Hidden airline fees to be aware of Hidden airline fees to be aware of

The summer travel season is still in full swing as people continue to take their last summer vacations this month before schools start back up and Fall comes around the corner. It is no surprise to anyone who has purchased an airline ticket in the recent years, that the cost and hidden fees continue to keep on rising. It seems as if every time you fly, it gets more and more expensive and all of the extra fees continue to add on to your travel expense budget. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier Boerne custom home builder, shares tips on extra travel fees to be aware of as you book any last minute travel plans this summer.

To start, when booking a flight it is a good idea to make sure you check the checked bag policy of the airlines you are shopping. You may find a cheaper ticket with one airline, but many air carriers have checked bag fees starting at $25 per bag to consider for your trip as well. If you have several passengers that have one to two checked bags per person, those fees can make a major dent in your travel expenses.

If you fly American or United Airlines, both companies generally charge $25 for tickets bought over the phone and $35 at the airport in the U.S.

JetBlue charges $25 for purchasing a ticket over the phone or at a ticket counter and Alaska Airlines charges $15 for using their call center.

The major carriers don't charge extra for online ticket purchases. Discount carrier Spirit Airlines does charge fees of $9 to $18 each way for tickets bought online or over the phone.

On the bright side, there is one airline provider actually removing a fee from their list of many. Delta is taking one of their many additional airline fees away. They will drop the fee for U.S. consumers who buy tickets over the phone or at a ticket counter to make things simpler for customers. Prior to this change, their phone fee was $25 and the fee for a ticket bought at an airport or other ticket counter was $35. It is important to note that Delta does have a $25 checked bag fee, per bag, so that is an additional cost to consider if purchasing a ticket through their airline.

Most other major U.S. airlines still will charge for these fees. The additional fees are designed to encourage consumers to buy tickets online, which is cheaper for the airlines than maintaining big call centers.

When it comes to booking flights for any summer vacations coming up, be sure to make not of any hidden fees or fees you can bypass, to keep the travel costs down as much as possible so you can spend your money on the vacation itself and not the ticket to get there.

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