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Trends in Luxury Master Closet Design

June 1, 2021

A luxury master closet is much more than a place to hang your clothes. In fact, this popular feature has become more of a retreat for homeowners with custom accents and beautiful displays that keep your clothing and accessories organized and appealing. Below we will explore a few of the latest trends in luxury master closet design from Weston Dean Custom Homes buyers.

Storage islands

It is common practice to implement built-in shelves and cabinets when designing a luxury master closet. However, we are seeing a trend with homeowners adding an additional island in the middle of the room as well for added storage. Islands offer lots of opportunities to store more personal items like camisoles or intimates, but they are also used for deep storage with out-of-season clothes and blankets. If you prefer the latter, consider cedar cabinetry to double its value and protect your sweaters from damage when they sit through the warmer months. 

Dedicated space for his and hers

Along the lines of specialty storage islands, designers are trending toward more dedicated spaces for specific clothing and accessories. This includes features like sliding tie or slacks racks on his side of the room or a velvet-lined jewelry case on hers. Shoe storage is another big factor in this design, as homeowners try to plan ahead for a variety of boots, heels, and loafers that require different amounts of space. This saves you the trouble of trying to find a cookie-cutter closet storage system later on to fit your needs.

Distinct hardware

When it comes to paint, the trend for many years was a neutral white that let colorful clothing speak for itself. This is still a popular choice, but with a twist. We are seeing a ride in upscale hardware and light fixtures that add character to the space. Antique knobs, modern straight door pulls, and all kinds of metals add contrast to the white and maintain the simple palette. 

Laundry room access 

The final trend is about functionality. Many homeowners are rearranging their floor plans to pair the master suite and the laundry room to avoid lugging laundry baskets across the house. Some homeowners opt for a laundry room just down the hall with access from a public space and their suite as well so that children or guests have access to it as well. Others are even integrating laundry facilities inside the master closet. 

Building your dream master suite

Ultimately, designing a master closet is all about convenience. Think about what you need most from the space and how you can make it work for you. Browse our video and photo galleries of recent homes and then contact us online or call (210) 408-9107 to start designing your luxury master closet.

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