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The Home Office: Not Just Another Room

May 18, 2020

Working remotely has suddenly become the new reality for many Americans. Working from home for an extended period of time can seem daunting. The truth is, any environment can wear on you and affect your productivity if it’s not designed with your wellness and work in mind. Weston Dean Custom Homes is the San Antonio custom home builder to build your home with the perfect home office for you.

What makes a good home office?

An effective home office is just as much about architecture as it is the nitty-gritty design details. It’s not always possible to convert a spare bedroom into the perfect home office. Chances are, if you’re not enjoying your home office it’s because it wasn’t designed to be one from the start.

One size does not fit all when it comes to a home office. You know what type of environment you work best in, and a custom home builder like Weston Dean Custom Homes will help bring that idea to life. 

Does your ideal home office have a window? Natural light can create calm energy in a room, conducive to getting good work done. Then again, a window can also be a distraction. The placement of windows and the room itself in the layout of the house is important to consider, and a custom home builder has the flexibility to help you. A skylight can offer natural light and privacy, in a distraction-free environment. 

The perfect size of your home office also depends on your personal needs and preferences. The same small home office can seem cozy to one person and claustrophobic to another. How do you like to work? Do you use a standing desk? A drafting table? Nothing but a laptop? 

When you design your home office, picture yourself in the space. Some people like to pace when they’re on the phone or cooking up a great idea. Extra furniture in the room can be a good spot for thinking, or for slacking off. 

The bottom line is the basic structure of your home office is crucial and personal. You also want to think about the little things. What color do you want to see on your walls surrounding you for hours every day? Studies suggest that differentiating your workspace from your living space helps to get you in the zone when you’re on the clock. It helps you work better, but also helps you relax more when you’re not working, and you might even sleep better. 

Think about how much storage you might need for your work. Are your desk drawers enough, or do you need room for filing cabinets? You should be able to be as organized as a traditional office is (if not more so). Lastly, you get to have fun with little flourishes to make your home office feel like home. Personalize your space with your favorite picture frames, knick-knacks, and plants. Contact us and learn more about what we like to do to make great home offices. 

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