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Home Color Trends for 2021

September 30, 2021

It can be overwhelming to try and keep up with the latest home trends when deciding how best to customize your new home, but switching out some of your paint colors is an easy, wallet-friendly way to keep your home looking fresh. The color trends for 2021 have been all about keeping your home comfortable and inviting while adding in a hint of boldness every once in a while. Read on to see which trends Weston Dean Custom Homes has put together to incorporate into your new home look.

Metallic Neutrals 

Organic stone accents, natural wood finishes and brass and copper details are some of the many ways homeowners are bringing earthy and industrial tones to their home interiors. When these are paired with deep, natural hues that embrace the metallic imagery, the effect is stunning yet comforting. 

Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze: Simple but with limitless depth, a dark bronze wall color can make a living room feel grounded and peaceful and can change a bedroom into a sanctuary. 

Behr’s Saffron Strands: Gold has always been associated with royalty and champions, but it has also always been viewed as warm and inviting. Whether you use this color for an accent wall or an entire room, you can turn your home space into an intimate oasis that pairs effortlessly with art-deco metallics or rich wood accents.

Deep Jewels

Dark tones are sought after in many regards, and by adding in rich hues with strong purple and red undertones, you can transcend simple home designs and create a space that is luxurious.

Graham & Brown’s Epoch: Sometimes, the color of a wall can be seen as an art piece in its own right when the color evokes a sense of wonder in the beholder. Adding a rich, plum color to your home is one way to make a statement.

Sherwin-Williams’ Passionate: At times, going bold in your home can be daunting, but finding a way to balance deep tones with a natural ambiance will always bring comfort into your home. Adding red is one way to do that, and if you’re not ready for bright hues, red wine color walls are sure to hit the mark.

Comfort Colors

This year isn’t just about dark tones, however. Natural, comforting colors such as light creams and tans are still incredibly popular in many homes and never cease to bring a sense of serenity into them.

Valspar’s Maple Leaf: A subtle approach can be necessary when deciding on a room's wall color, and going for a neutral color with a warm, subtle yellow undertone can be a perfect pairing for both interior and exterior designs.

Behr’s Almond Wisp: Finding neutral tones that are humble can help soften a room. These warm creams and tans are perfect for drawing back from too much glamour and focusing on the natural beauty of the home.

When creating your dream home, we know it’s important that you make it unique to you, and we want to work with you to ensure your home interior best complements your paint choices. Reach out to our sales team and watch as your dream home comes to life.

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