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Your to-do list before purchasing a home

November 22, 2019

  Are you planning to purchase a new home this upcoming New Year? If so, do you feel confident that when the time comes, you will be prepared to purchase a new home? Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier New Braunfels custom builder, shares tips for what you need to be sure to have in order before starting the process of looking for a new home. The first tip is being sure you are ready to purchase a home that you will live in for more than a few years. If you are not in the position to put down roots in a home for several years, consider renting until you are ready to do plant your roots. The next step is one that people often don’t do in advance, which can hurt them. Get with a lender and have them pull your credit report about six to 12 months before you want to begin actively shopping for a new home. This way, if there is anything negative on your credit report or work that you need to do to improve it, you will have adequate time to do so and can get a better loan for your new home. They can also make you aware of anything you don’t want to do leading up to purchasing a new home, such as open a bunch of new credit cards, rack up extra debt, and so on. Once you have your credit in order, you will want to find an agent to help you find and purchase your new home. Do some research among friends, family and even online resources to find an agent that comes highly recommended. Also, don’t feel like you must select the first agent you meet or talk too. Be sure to shop around for the agent that fits your needs and comfort level the most. Some tips on what to look for in a good agent are at least five years’ experience in the area you are looking to purchase a home in and someone who is a full-time sales professional. It also helps if they can show you if they have closed at least five to seven deals each year, for several years. Lastly, be sure to verify that their license is in good standing with the state you are looking to purchase a new home in. The final tip to remember when beginning to shop for your new home is to be realistic. There will be no amazing deals when it comes to real estate. If you come across a home that seems too good to be true, especially for the cost, chances are something is hiding behind the walls of the home that should be a “buyer beware” scenario. Be sure to buy and invest in a home that will be a great long-term solution as well as a home that will build equity over time. Buying a home in a desirable location, a location that is growing, in a great school district and so on will be an investment that is most likely to help you gain equity over time. Do your research when it comes to your new home, the location you are looking at buying and where you see yourself in the next five, 10 or more years. If you don’t currently have any kids but plan to have them in the future, consider the school districts around the homes you are looking at. Are they rated well? Would you want to send your own kids to the schools in your area? What about the size of the home, can you have one, two or more kids comfortably without having to move as soon as baby comes into the picture? This can also be a factor if you are getting close to being an empty-nester or will in the years to come. Are you investing in more home than you will need in a few years? Are there too many stairs that you won’t want to have to climb daily as you age in your home? Taking these tips and considerations into play for your new home will help to ensure that you end up with the best possible home for your long-term needs and a smart investment for your future.     Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.      
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