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Want to throw an outdoor party on a budget?

March 30, 2018

  Housewarming party tips Housewarming party tips The weather has been nice enough that you might be itching to go outside more this spring! You may even plan to host the Easter holiday this weekend, and it might not be a bad idea to take the party outdoors.  If you’re currently looking for a Boerne custom builder to build your new home, chances are the builders you are talking too are still just as busy as ever due to hot housing market. If you have already recently purchased a new home, you may be wanting to take advantage of the beautiful weather to show off your new home off to friends and family while the weather is nice. Weston Dean Custom Homes has some great tips that will allow you to throw a great outdoor party, while keeping costs “post new home” budget friendly. The first step when planning an outdoor party on a budget is to send out your invitations via text, email or Facebook. Creating a Facebook group for your party makes inviting people easy. You can select the people you want to invite, post information, directions, contact information and so on that people will be able to access and RSVP. It also gives reminders leading up to your event, to remind people as well without you having to do the reminding yourself. Especially if you are in your new home, take advantage of your backyard or outdoor area and use that as your free entertainment space. This also keeps the party outside of your new home, that you may be nervous about getting dirty or cleaned up with moving items. Having the party at home, in your backyard also allows you to decorate it however you want and not have to worry about rules or regulations for the space. The third tip for your budget friendly party is to go potluck. Since you are choosing to host a party and handling the planning, location, décor and so on, it isn’t too much to ask your guests to bring a little something. Whether it be a few dishes or some drinks, most guests are willing to bring something along and will want to help regardless. You can even make it fun and create a theme to your potluck. This will allow your guests to bring a variety of options, or you can ask everyone to bring their favorite dish that they make. Either way, it will cut down drastically on your costs involved. The fourth tip to help you save some money is to “do it yourself” when it comes to decorations. Become best friends with Pinterest and search for inexpensive party décor ideas. Not only will you add your personal touch to your party, but you will save lots of money from purchasing pre-decorated items. The fifth money-saving party tip is to utilize Spotify or Pandora to provide the music and entertainment for your party. No need to hire entertainment when these apps can be customized to the music you want to play and are easy and free entertainment for hours. The final tip to help you save money for your outdoor new home party, is to not stress over making it perfect. Every detail doesn’t need to be thought of or worried about when it comes to your party. Stick to the budget you want to spend and whatever doesn’t fall within that budget, forget about. In the end, it is just about getting together and enjoying your company and good food!       Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.
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