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Tree Mulching: Best Done in Fall

October 29, 2015

  Lawn Care Tips for Fall Lawn Care Tips for Fall Now that fall is upon us, many homeowners are makings sure to do the necessary steps to plant in their garden, what they want to bloom come spring. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier Boerne Custom Home builder, shares information on other things in your lawn that need attention this fall. If your home has trees, fall is a great time to be out in the yard spreading shovels full of composted wood-chip mulch under your trees. Trees that have mulched root zones are usually larger, more vigorous and develop faster than trees or plants surrounded by grass. Adding mulch around your trees allows the soil to retain moisture and reduce erosion and soil compaction. Another bonus to mulching your trees this fall is that mulched trees often have fewer weeds, thus allowing the rooms to compete for limited resources. The mulch around your trees will also help the soil stay warmer in the winter, helping to extend the growing season for plants. Organic mulches if you can find them are a favorite amount professional arborists. Additional organic mulches include bark chips, composted lawn clippings, leaves and straw. These types of mulches are high in cellulose and low in nitrogen, and should also be free of weed seeds. A good mulch bed should extend out at least three feet from the tree’s trunk in all directions. If you can extend the mulch out to the dripline, that is preferred. The dripline is where the fine, absorbing tree roots extending out into the soil. An important note is to keep organic mulches several inches away from the base of the tree, to avoid rot and diseases. Lastly, your mulch bed depth should be maintained at two to four inches. If there is grass in the area that needs to be mulched, put a five-page layer of newspaper over the grass, get it wet, then add mulch on top. This will help keep the grass from growing up through the mulch. For poor soils, use well-composted mulch to build up the nutrients. Soils that are healthy will do fine with a highly stable softwood bark (such as cypress bark), which doesn’t break down as easily. The biggest no-no when mulching is to create a “mulch volcano” that is piled high around the base of the tree. This practice traps moisture around the tree trunk and root flare leading to decay and, eventually, structural failure. Avoid fine mulch – thick blankets of fine mulch can become matted and prevent the penetration of water and air. Hopefully these lawn tips have your tress and landscape in tip-top shape this spring!   Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.
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