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Summer Cookout Home Maintenance Tips

July 8, 2016

Summer Cookout Home Preperation Summer Cookout Home Preperation If you didn’t host a holiday cookout last weekend for the Fourth of July but plan on having your first cookout of the summer soon, be sure to check these safety tips off your list to ensure you start the summer cookout season in the right direction. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier Boerne Custom Homebuilder, shares what you need to check for at your home before hosting your first cookout of the summer. Just like getting your care tuned, it’s a good idea to schedule and air conditioning tune up. This will make sure your air conditioning unit is up to par to take on whatever heat summer will bring. An air conditioner tune up should include a check on the fan, a check to see if the coils are cleaned, and making sure there are no potential fire hazards due to any wiring issues. The first step to take before hosting your get together is to have your AC checked before inviting people over to your house, if you are able or have an older AC that might need some maintenance work. Nothing can ruin your party faster than running into an air conditioning problem with a lot of people inside your home as the temperatures get warmer. The second thing you will want to make sure to do before your guests show up this weekend is to clean out your gutters. Not only will this help them function better, it will help with unnecessary leaks. Clean them out again once fall rolls around for the perfect twice a year upkeep schedule. The third tip you will want to cover is to check the exterior of your home and check for any unsightly issues you wouldn’t want your guests to see. Clear away dead plants and shrubs from the flower beds, pressure wash the siding and patio, fix any minor deck damage and replace any broken lighting. The last tip to help you round out your pre-cookout checklist is to prevent any pest problems. It is never fun when pests get into your home, especially in the summer as it is their favorite season. Spray your yard to decrease mosquitos, ticks and flies that will help make your cookout much more enjoyable. You can take the pest prevention one step further by putting up a foundation barrier to avert ants and spiders from entering in your home. You can also set out Citronella candles, that are welcoming to your guests but will deter any unwanted pests away from your cookout. These simple tips will leave your home ready to host the perfect cookout this summer!       Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call 210-408-9107
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