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Safe ways to baby proof your home (for free!)

May 13, 2016

Childproofing your new home Childproofing your new home If you are looking for a Boerne custom builder to build your new home or have recently moved into a new Weston Dean Custom home, chances are if you have a baby or a little one you will quickly learn what all you needed to childproof in your new home. If you happen to be a first time parent, you may not be sure of what all you do need to childproof or even how is best to childproof your new home. Here are some tips on the best ways to baby proof your home to make it safe for your little one. Before you childproof your home, it is good to know what you are guarding against. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has identified many ways children can get hurt. Falls account for the most emergency room visits. The most common accidents with falling are children falling down stairs, out of windows, or off high places within the home, furniture and high objects onto children is also a frequent occurrence so that should be guarded against as well. The remainder of injuries to children happen as a result of things like electrical shocks and burns, water hazards and accidents of ingestion of common household items or medicines. However, it is good to keep in mind while the news and media may make it seem like everything is harmful to your young ones, in reality most injuries stem from regular household items like chairs and furniture rather than exotic items. Below are some tips for how you can baby proof your home, without having to purchase anything. Don’t use baby walkers or use them very cautiously if you do. They increase your child’s mobility and with that comes access to dangerous areas. Don’t rely on bathtub supports and rings. Always be there when your baby is in the bath. It may sound silly, but get on your hands and knees and start at your front door as you make your way around your home. This is the best possible vantage point to see and figure out the things you need to baby proof in your home. When it comes to your crib, either purchase a new crib or make sure your old crib conforms to the most recent CDC-mandated guidelines for safety. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to avoid any scalding. Be sure to tuck electrical cords away and push heavy furniture in front of outlets. This will prevent your children from pulling the cords. Keep any store medicines or cleaning fluids on high shelves. The safest window coverings for children don’t include any cords that could potentially harm a child. If you have cords on your window coverings, separate or cut window blind cords if you have them in your home. Be sure your smoke alarms and batteries are fresh. Make sure your workshops and hobby rooms that contain any tools are locked up to prevent any accidents. If you have guns, store them trigger-locked and out of sight in locking gun cabinets. Do not rely on trigger locks alone. Remove area rugs and runners near staircases or other dangerous areas. Most all of these tips come at little to no cost but make a huge difference in the safely of your home for your little ones.     Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-910
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