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Practical and Beautiful Design Ideas For Your Weston Dean Home

July 11, 2014

San Antonio Custom Home We have all had the experience of walking into a room or have seen a room featured in a magazine and have felt immediately captivated and drawn to the space and we would love to create the magic in our own home.  In your new San Antonio Custom Home, you can create the home of your dreams.  Following a few design steps to create the space you feel captivated in and that you never want to leave. Light up your life by adding more lighting than you think you will need.  It does not all need to be the same type of lighting.  Add pot lights and a hanging chandelier along with lamps and sconces.  Install dimmer to help control the lighting levels and create some ambiance when needed. Make a thoughtful and functional plan for your space.  Don’t fill every inch of space in your room with furniture.  Your aim to create a comfortable welcoming and delightful space will be lost as you try to navigate through the rooms that are set up like an obstacle course.  Your first focus should be on defining your needs.  What are you going to use the space for and what items do you need to include so that the space functions well.  For example, if you only need to seat ten people twice a year, don’t make that your priority.  Design instead for everyday use in your Weston Dean home. Include a collection of art or family portraits arranged asymmetrically somewhere in the space of your new custom home.  Keep it interesting by introducing some unexpected elements.  Be creative and have fun.  Find a fabulous example from a magazine and create your own unique version using items that are special and meaningful to you and your family. Your goal is to make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and that can be accomplished through the things you choose to bring into your new Weston Dean home.
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