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How to pick the best wall decor if selling your home

Categories: Boerne Custom Homes Builders, Home Decor | Posted: September 7, 2018


Are you in the process of or planning to sell your home before years end? If so, you may already be taking inventory of what you need to change in your home, how you need to de-clutter, and be searching up on the latest tips and tricks for how to make your home sell faster on the market. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier for Boerne custom home builder, shares how you can change up and pick the right wall art to sell your home.

Taking down family pictures and wall décor that represents your family is one of the first things most homeowners know to do when it comes time to sell their home. Experts say when selling a home, it is best to make the home as neutral as possible in order to give prospective buyers a blank canvas they can see themselves moving into.

Taking down a lot of the art and décor on your wall will undoubtedly leave you with a bunch of blank space you need to fill. So, what art on the wall is best to showcase when trying to sell your home?

If you aren’t sure what type of art to put in each room, take a cue from the room itself. What is the purpose of the room you are looking for art in? if you are looking for a piece of wall art for a kitchen, then choose something that can stem off of that theme. For example, wine glasses or a café scene are great compliments to any kitchen. If you are looking for inspiration for a bedroom, try a black and white images of flowers, or a sleeping abstract to represent calmness.

When selling your home, it is best to choose wall art that will show off the lifestyle of your home’s architecture and neighborhood. It is a great way to bring flair to your home and give it style when showing.

Abstract art is a great way to bring color and uniqueness to a home when selling it. Since there is no right or wrong answer to abstract art, you really can’t go wrong no matter what buyer walks through your doors. It is an inoffensive way to add color and dimension to your home.

Landscape art is another great option in wall décor, as natural scenery from mountains, to forests, trees, flowers or rivers are both peaceful but also neutral when it comes to buyer taste. You can use realistic or abstract landscape art, which works great in living rooms, family rooms or bedrooms.

Lettering is another unique and cool way to highlight a home and be used as art. You could spell out something using letting in a room, such as “relax” spelled out in a bathroom or “laundry” in a laundry room.

Lastly, maps are another great piece of art to hang in most any room of a home. Depending on the style of your home, you can use traditional maps or a more modern version to hang in a family room, den or office.

Investing in simple art work pieces for the walls of your home can make a big difference when it comes to how your home shows to buyers.



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Organize your living room this weekend

Categories: New Braunfels Custom Home Builders | Posted: August 30, 2018
Fall Maintenance Tips

Fall Maintenance Tips

Labor Day weekend is on our doorstep and with that comes the true end of summer.  Before you know it, the holidays will be around the corner and your home may have more guests, family gatherings, and holiday parties than any other time of the year. Why not get a jumpstart this long weekend and organize your living room so that it is ready for guests when the time comes? Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier New Braunfels custom homebuilder, shares tips to help you organize your home this weekend.

First things first, before you do anything in your living room you will want to be sure and do a quick de-trashing of the room. Clean up anything you need to throw away, coffee cups or dishes that need to go into the kitchen, old magazines and so on.

Next, take an inventory of your current space. Do you have kids? Does your living room currently look like more of a kid play area than a living space? Regardless of if you have kids or not, take an inventory of the room and see if you might need to create some permanent storage in the room.

A good rule of thumb is if something in the room doesn’t have its own spot, either move it to another room or create storage for it. A great storage piece that also doubles as living room furniture is a storage ottoman. You can find beautiful ottomans that don’t even look like they would double as storage, but secretly do!

Whether you have one remote or multiple remotes like most living rooms do, find a decorative small basket or choose a drawer in your living room to house them. Be sure everyone in the house knows where the remote should be stored and keep that as a rule moving forward so that everyone knows where it is always, and it just isn’t laying around somewhere.

Lastly, now is a great time to rearrange your furniture. Especially if you have had the same layout in your living room, it can be good to change things up and move your existing furniture around to give it a whole new look. You can go online or look on Pinterest for new room layout ideas. A few common things to keep in mind when rearranging furniture are that large items life sofas should be placed along walls or in corners. Be sure to also be mindful of walkways, and keep a consistent one going through the room.

These simple tips will have you ahead of the game for entertaining this holiday season!



Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.


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