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Five Pro-Tips to Consider If Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner

Categories: New Braunfels Custom Home Builders | Posted: November 22, 2017

Easy Fall Decor For Your Home

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and if you are in charge of putting on a Thanksgiving feast for friends and family, you may be running around like crazy trying to prepare so your holiday will go off without a hitch. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier New Braunfels custom homebuilder, shares give simple tips you can use to create your best Thanksgiving yet.

The first thing you may be sweating over is your table décor for the big dinner. A simple, inexpensive and very easy thing you can do today to use for your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, is to go to your local grocery store or wherever still has the tiny pumpkins that may be left over from Halloween or out in the Thanksgiving décor section of the store. Hollow these tiny pumpkins out and place a small votive candle inside each pumpkin. You can scatter these out around the table or down the center of your table like a runner. You can also pop these around your home or in the bathrooms for a fun holiday twist. Your guests will love this simple décor idea, that packs a major Thanksgiving punch!

You can also place some non-traditional vases around your home filled with autumn colored flowers, sticks and berry twigs. Consider taking an aluminum bin and using that as the vase for these flowered décor. You can put these on your table for a centerpiece or at the entrance of your front door to greet people as they walk up to your doorstep.

The third item to consider for your Thanksgiving Day décor, is to consider adding some taller candles down the center of your table. Be sure to cut them in half, as you don’t want your guests having to stretch their necks to see over the candles or knocking one over when they pass the turkey!

The fourth tip will help to keep your guests from crowding the kitchen as you cook. Consider setting up an outdoor bar. You can have wine, cocktails, and soda or punch for the kids. If the weather is cold, consider lighting your fire pit our outdoor fireplace if you have them to help keep your guests warm. You can also leave out some footballs, as a game of backyard football will also do the trick for keeping guests warm while working on their appetite for the big meal! Or working off that extra helping afterwards.

The fifth and final tip is to use the mugs you have in your kitchen cabinet (we all are guilty of having way too many coffee mugs more than we really need) and serve warm appetizers in them for your guests! Consider your favorite soup or stew as an appetizer to tide everyone over until Thanksgiving dinner is ready.


Implementing all or a few of these tips will give your Thanksgiving that extra boost of holiday touch your friends and family will love!



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Updates your home needs every 10 years

Categories: Boerne Custom Homes Builders | Posted: November 17, 2017

If your home is approaching the 10-years old mark or older, no matter how much you keep your home cared for during the years there are certain things in your home that should be updated for every 10-year milestone your home makes. Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier Boerne Custom homebuilder, shares updates you should make every 10 years on your home.

You may have guessed update #1 already, but replacing the carpet is the first place you should put your focus. The average medium-grade carpet has a life expectancy of 10 years before it should be replaced.

Another update you should plan on making that isn’t cosmetic, but is equally important is replacing your hot water heater. You hot water heater may not show any signs that it is at the end of its life, but 10 years is about the maximum time you want to go before replacing it. It is a good rule of thumb to replace them every 10 years.

Ceiling fans are another item that people often don’t think about having a “self-life,” but they do. If you notice the lightbulbs in your ceiling fan burning out quicker than usual, that is often a good sign it is time to replace it.

A new dishwasher is also an item that has about a 10-year life expectancy on it. You can also get one that is more energy-efficient and will pay for itself over time. If you notice your dishes aren’t as clean as they should be, or your control board acts up or doesn’t work properly, those are all signs it is time to invest in your new dishwasher before it breaks on you.

The same thing goes for a garbage disposal if you have one. The blades in the garbage disposal get dull over time, so the life cycle you can expect is about 10-12 years if you use it regularly.

The last appliance that has a 10 or so year shelf life, is your washer and dryer. Around the 10-year mark, plan on replacing them before you have any leaks or they go out on you. This way you can plan for the expense and have it not sneak up on you as well.

Painting your home, both interior and exterior, is also something that should be updated every 10 years or so. That timeline could be even less, depending on the climate you live in and the humidity levels in your area that wear pant more than cooler and dyer climates.

Next, at the 10-year mark put it on your to-do list to re-caulk the showers, bathtubs and sinks to preserve the quality and prevent any damage or leaks. This is something that you can easily do on your own and will also make everything in your bathroom look brighter, which is a plus.


Lastly, consider re-glazing your windows when they turn 10 years old. This will save you money if you continue to do this, then replacing them. Be sure to check the windows each fall to make sure you don’t have any cracks or leaks where your warm air is escaping outside.




Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.

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