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Is Traditional Or Modern The Right Design Choice For Your Weston Dean Home

July 1, 2014

San Antonio custom home There is no doubt that interior design gives a home an instant lift to a room.  When thinking of a design style for your San Antonio custom home, two of the most popular design trends are between traditional and modern design.  In traditional style you will find more natural materials and hues, and modern design uses the latest in technology and new design elements with clean sharp lines using geometrical and symmetrical design. Here is a closer look at the difference between traditional and modern design and which one will be a better fit for your Weston Dean home. The furniture and accessories used in traditional design are quite decorative and incorporate the use of color.  In traditional design you will see furniture with carved edges while in modern design it is all about straight simple lines. The materials found in both kinds of decoration differ considerably.  Traditional uses wood, plaster, brick and stone.  Modern used steel, glass or plastic to give a unique style to the room.  If you want uniformed doors and windows in your home, than traditional design is the way to go.  Modern is all about glass and being environmentally sustainable and designs windows according to the different requirements in the room, no cookie cutter windows here. If you want to include a lot of accessories and color in your new home, then you will be more comfortable with traditional design.  In modern design the interior, the use of geometric patterns is used excessively and accessories are a kept to a minimal and less color is used throughout the home.  Modern design is strongly focused on keeping the interior look clutter free, the room should look efficient and energy conservation should be a part of the design.  The modern decoration and traditional decoration are fairly distinctive, but they have their own beauty and specialty. If your are drawn to both styles and can’t decide which one you want for your Weston Dean home, then combined what you love of both styles and go transitional.  This style combines together traditional and modern and gives you something from both styles.  It is the best of both designs and can be perfect for your home.
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