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Interior Design Myths Revealed

Categories: San Antonio Custom Home Builders | Posted: September 6, 2019

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It used to be that only the finest homes used interior designers and that they held the secret to making a home beautiful.  Now, there is an abundance of information  and apps available to get your Weston Dean home exactly like you envisioned it to be. As with fashion, after a while things go out of style and the same is true in décor. In order to remain current, you need to know what rules have changed in interior design as of recent.  What used to be a hard and fast rule in home décor may no longer be relevant for your new custom home in San Antonio.  Read on to see how the rules have changed in the world of home design.

Design myth #1: Only paint your room white to make it look larger and bright. It was once believed that the color white made a room look big or that it brightened up the room.  It is partially true, size and scale of the room have more to do with wall color and furniture.  There is nothing wrong with a small room in your Weston Dean home that is done in warm colors to make it inviting and comfortable.  The addition of colors to walls and adding accessories creates a great impact on how the room of your new home looks.

Design myth #2: Don’t paint a room a dark color. It used to be thought that a dark color makes a room appear small, but the opposite is true.  A dark color can add warmth, texture and dimension to the room of your home.  Dark colors tend to add a sense of glamour, style and drams to the room.

Design myth #3: Small rooms need to have less furniture.  Small furniture in a small room will make the room of your home look like a dollhouse.  Instead of having many small pieces of furniture, have one or two large pieces.  It will make the room appear bigger.  If the room in your Weston Dean home is too small, think in terms of functionality and style proportion.  Choose an armoire which creates a big statement and it also serves as a storage unit or a trunk used at the foot of a bed can be used as storage and also add an elegant and chic look to the bedroom of your home.


Rules in design can be broken.  As you decorate your home, you need to add your personal taste and style to the room and what makes it comfortable for you and your family.


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