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How To:  Backyard Fire Pit

April 13, 2018

As spring temperatures come our way in full swing and summer is just around the corner, you may be craving summer barbecues in the backyard and entertaining with friends and family.  Why not create a space in your backyard where you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather and spend some fun family time together in one? Weston Dean Custom Homes, a premier homebuilder for Boerne Custom Homes, shares how you can easily add a fire pit to your backyard in a few simple steps that will have you enjoying your backyard in no time. Building your own backyard fire pit will require you gather some supplies to get you going on your DIY project. First, select the type of bricks you want for the wall of the fire pit. You can go online for some inspiration if you aren’t sure of the look that will go best with your home. Be sure to check with your local fire code to make sure fire pits are allowed in your area, to ensure all your hard work won’t go to waste. A good tip for the bricks you select for your fire pit would be to select a sturdy brick. See if you can find some used for a retaining wall or concrete pavers. These are the best options to select for a fire pit that will last a long time and remain intact over the years and through the weather conditions. Next, you will want to be sure to get some firebricks as well, which you will use as the bottom inner layer that will provide you with the heat resistance you need for safety purposes. You will also need to get gravel, twine, a stake, tape measure, a large shovel, tamp and trowel, as well as a good size level. Once you have all of the equipment you need, you can pick out the area in your yard where you want to place your fire pit. Be sure to place your fire pit a good distance away from any trees, bushes or structures. Place a stake in the middle of where you want your new fire pit to go. Then, tie your twine around the end of the state and measure out how far you want your fire pit to go. The average site of a fire pit is 4 to 5 feet in diameter. Once you’ve selected the size you want your fire pit to be, drag the sharp end of your trowel around in a circle to mark where the fire pit will go. Your next step will be to take your shovel and dig out the outside circle you created, as this is where your fire pit bricks are going to start. The hole of the fire pit should be 6 to 12 inches deep. Before you dig, be sure and clear it with your local 811 to make sure there are no utility lines buried under the location you have chosen. Once you have dug out of your circle at least 6 inches deep, use your tamp to level out the area and check with your level and make adjustments until it sits on the dirt completely level. You will then take the gravel and spread an even layer of a few inches over the fire pit circle. Once you have spread the gravel out evenly, it will be time for you to arrange your bricks in a circle and stack them in layers until your fire pit reaches at least 12 inches tall. If your bricks are heavy enough to make a sturdy stack, your don’t need to use any mortar in-between the bricks. For safety purposes, add your inner layer of firebricks on the inside floor of the fire pit.   The last step? Get some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate to kick back and enjoy your new fire pit!   Weston Dean Homes is a San Antonio area custom home builder.  For more information call (210) 408-9107.  
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