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Add Color To Your Weston Dean Home Without Using Paint

May 30, 2014

Custom Homes San Antonio We have all heard that the cheapest way to redecorate your San Antonio custom home is with paint. This is true, but it isn’t the easiest.  If moving the furniture, priming and painting the walls are more than you have time for, here are some great ways to add color without having to paint your Weston Dean home. Window Coverings:  Use colorful drapes in your Weston Dean home.  It will look more dramatic if you use solid color draperies and not prints.  Mount the drapes as high above the top of the window that you can, to make the window of your home appear even larger. Area rugs:  An easy way to define the space within your home and add color is to add an area rug.  One large dramatic and colorful area rug is much better than multiple smaller area rugs scattered throughout the room of your home.  If you are decorating the living room of your home for example, select one large area rug to anchor the center of the room and then place the furnishings around the area rug with the coffee table in the center.  Use this colorful area rug to pull colors from it to use in other parts of the room of your Weston Dean home, such as in the wall art and curtains. Pillows and slip covers:  If your Weston Dean home is dark and you want to lighten it up for spring, add a few bright colored throw pillows to accent the furniture in the room of your home.  Buy a slipcover for every season and change it out as desired or try a duvet cover for the bedroom of your home. Accessories:  Incorporate colored accessories within the room of your home.  Have fun and enjoy displaying your accessories around the room of your home.   If you have bookshelves in your Home, incorporate some accessories in along with your books to add interest to the shelving. You can infuse a lot of color into any room of your Weston Dean home without having to pry open a paint can.
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